Scholarships : Government Schemes:

  1. Merit Scholarship to children of Secondary School Teachers.
  2. Freeships to the Physically handicapped.
  3. Freeships to the children of Service Personnel.
  4. Freeships to the Freedom Fighters/Political Sufferers.
  5. Freeships to the students belonging to Schedule caste, tribes & other backward tribes.
  6. Students Aid Fund. (annual income of parents should not exceed Rs. 2 lakhs ( per annum.)
  7. Fee Waiver Scheme for SC/ST students pursuing Higher Education.
  8. Dayanand Bandodkar  Scheme for Higher Education for Orphans.
  9. “Sant Sohirobanath Ambiye   Dnyanvruddhi Shishyavrutti” (Bursary Scheme).