industrial visit

On March 13, 2019, 47 students of B.Sc (Chemistry) Sem IV and Sem VI accompanied with 5 faculty members went for an industrial visit to Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Verna-Goa. The objective of this visit was to know about industry working, observe various equipments/instruments used in this industry and to observe and to know about manufacturing tablets.

The security made us to form a line and escorted us to the main office. We left our phones at the reception and the receptionist led us to a conference hall. We sat in the hall and an employee showed us a video on visitor’s orientation. The video showed us the way the visitors or employees have to dress up in the industry. After watching this video we headed to the changing room and we were given lab coats, head caps and shoe covers. We dressed up and were ready to know more about the manufacturing of tablets. Pfizer Pharmaceuticals is known for the manufacturing of oral contraceptives and steroids. An employee took up the role of a guide and showed us the manufacturing unit and the raw materials (RM) stores. He told us about QA i.e. quality assurance which ensures that products will be of the quality required. He also told about QC i.e. quality control which ensures that products are consistently manufactured to a quality. He showed us the different equipments used in production and manufacturing of tablets. He told us about the three sections of manufacturing. These were OT- oral tablets, GT- general tablets and ST- steroid tablets. There were blenders that are used to blend all the ingredients. He showed us compressors which are used to compress tablets. We go a lot of knowledge about the manufacturing tablets and how strict and hygienic this place is. After this we went back and disposed the head caps and shoe covers and handed over the lab coats. We took a group photograph to capture this wonderful experience.

From this experience, we learnt about how theory can be applied practically and how to put these concepts to action. Visiting an industry gave us a practical prospective on the work life in industry. With this our visit came to an end and we reached back at around 4:30 pm.