The goal of this department is to mould and empower women with business acumen to face the competitive world.  This is achieved through direct exposure to industry and entrepreneurs through assignments and projects for practical learning, integrity and skills in communication, leadership, organizing, marketing, advertising, customer relations and business ethics.  

Practical learning is a distinct feature of the department through its activities like Young Entrepreneurs Fair, Business Fundas and field assignments.  The department has conducted certificate courses recognised by Government of India through its industry linkage with MSME.


  1. Dr. Sr. M. Aradhana A.C. Principal, Associate Professor
  2. Mr. Audhoot Satardekar Associate Professor, Head of the Department
  3. Ms. Sajani D’Costa Associate Professor
  4. Ms. Sumathi Satardekar Associate Professor
  5. Ms. Gladys D’Souza Associate Professor