Department of Chemistry

One of the largest and most vibrant departments in the college, the department of chemistry offers a degree of Bachelor f Science in Chemistry. With enthusiastic and dedicated staff the department provides an atmosphere for the all round development of the students.

The department has two well equipped laboratories enabling the students to get hands on experience in laboratory techniques. Apart from this the department is instrumental in extracurricular activities which include field trips to multinational industries and institutes of research, the chemistry quiz is an annual event of the department as well as the celebration of science day which gives the students the opportunity to be creative and showcase their talent. The department also organizes certificate courses in cosmetology and dance.

Completing a Bachelor in Chemistry gives the student a wide range of career opportunities from continuing their studies with M.Sc and PhD programs in Chemistry, to working as research assistants in national labs, in R and D sections of pharma companies, in quality control and quality assurance departments in industries, in teaching positions in schools and colleges.


  1.     Ms. Cheryl Alvares      (Associate Professor, HOD)
  2.     Ms. Fatima Fernandes (Assistant Professor)
  3.     Ms. Sneha Naik          (Assistant Professor)
  4.     Mr. Daniel M Coutinho (Assistant Professor)
  5.     Mr. Jeffrey Viegas       ( Assistant Professor)
  6.     Dr. Madhavi Z. Naik    (Assistant Professor)
  7.     Dr. Celia Braganza      (Assistant Professor)